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What's up!!: March 2007

What's up!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Better days ahead

There's no looking back now.

Hubby came home with a smile on his face yesterday. I had a pissed off look on mine because he came home with no pizza's for dinner. I go off on him about why he has 2 cell phones if he can't answer either of them. Still with a smile on his face, he said he just listened to the message as he was a mile from home. But he got to fight fire so he didn't care that I was mad at him for not bringing home pizza. He told me to call the local party store and he would go pick it up. So I called and ordered the pizza and I ended up going to get it also. I was not going to complain because he had to fix our water.

We pulled the pump up out of the well and sure enough there was a spot on the wire that was all corroded. Hello over paid engineer that designed the pump, next time use a longer cord so we don't have to splice it and cause it to short out. Luckily, my hubby is a master Elec. so he put on a new wire and we had water by 9pm. So today I'll be busy doing dishes and laundry.

Praying for a better weekend then this rotten week I've had.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What else can go wrong?

This has been I think one of the worst weeks I have ever experienced. As all of you know over the weekend I was unable to go on our trip due to my nephew's funeral. The funeral on Monday went really well other than my SIL did not reserve any seats for family, so I had to sit in the back. I felt like the shunned family member. Oh yeah and the fact that my eyes ached from so much crying. I hope I never have to experience that again. The odd thing is I said that same thing exactly a year ago, I was at a old friends, infant daughters funeral.

Off to Tuesday....My hubby had training at the fire hall. For those of you who don't know my hubby has been a volunteer fireman for 12 years. He has been on Sandusky fire dept. for 2 years. Well long story short he applied for the lieutenants position, went through the interview process....yada, yada, yada. Tonight was the night to find out if he made it or not ( He had a really good chance until we found out J. Harding applied also). Needless to say he came home very depressed, and wouldn't even talk to me. Hello last time I checked I was not on the board and can't control these things. If the decision was based on training and experience my hubby should have gotten the position, but we live in a small town and that's not how they do things.

On to Wednesday- Typical day in the beginning...get up and get kids off to school, worked on swimming pool bids and around 2 pm I decided to jump in the shower. It was very relaxing and enjoyable and then I went on with the rest of my day. Around 4:30 pm I was getting a wet wash cloth to wash my daughters face and loe and behold there is no water. WTF- I head to the basement to reset the programmer and still nothing.

So here I sit Thursday morning with no water. I am sick and tired of going through well pumps. We have gone through 3 of them this year at an average of $1000 a piece. Thank god my hubby works for a company that let's him get the pumps for basically cost. I asked hubby if he wanted me to call the well guy and he said it won't help unless we drill a new well that will cost around $2000. I'm not sure if I'm thinking this through right or not but from my perspective if we drill a new well that cost 2000 and a 500 pump that totals 2500 dollars. We have already burned up 1700 dollars worth of pumps so far. My logical thinking tells me that we would save money in the long run if we drilled a new well and quit burning up pumps.

Needless to say my hubby is still pissy about not getting the lieutenants position and now he is pissed we have no water and to top it all off he could not even have his morning coffee.

I sure hope things turn around and I can enjoy the sunshine and have a nice peaceful day and maybe be able to take a shower today.

ps. I forgot to mention that my youngest child shit her pants last night and we did not have any water to give her a bath. I made her take all of her clothes off and streak to grandma's house for a bath.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Little Angel

In loving memory of my nephew

Keegan James Tank

Born: December 19th, 2006

Went to be with the Lord on March 22nd, 2007

We will forever love and miss you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I just discovered something that could possibly ruin my year. Every year for the last 5 years we have been going to Bristol Motor Speedway, TN to watch the Nascar race. This year Keegan could very possibly mess everything up. Don't get me wrong I love the little guy and can't really blame him for going to heaven, but I so look forward to this vacation every year. The hospice nurse told my brother that they would be surprised if he makes it through the weekend. He has been moved into a semi-private room and gets a shot of morphine every 6 hours to keep him comfortable. We are suppose to leave for Bristol on Thursday, March 22nd.

I have had my niece and nephew now for 2 days...Let me just say grossed out. My niece is 3 and apparently thinks she can wipe her own ass. Unfortunately she forgets to use toilet paper and just runs her ass across the seat to clean it. I don't know about you but I have taught my kids to yell for help if they can't wipe it good for god sakes. Then whats worse is she somehow got shit on the outside of her pants and was running around my house. So help me god if I find one streak on my couch I will freak out.

Bossy this is where I need your help...Why do little boys hold on to their member while they are sleeping? This is just I thing I noticed having a boy sleeping in the house after 2 nights.

Have a good day! I may be off to Detroit for a visit with the little one.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Over Tired:(

I need a nap. Last night we were just sitting down to dinner and my mom comes in and says she needs to talk to me and turned around and went outside. I go outside and she is bawling, she tells me that they have given Keegan morphine and he may not have much longer and she was on her way to Detroit. The good daughter that I am...rode with her. My poor hubby was stuck at home with the 4 kids...thank God he is understanding, sort of. We got to the hospital in an hour and 35 minutes....record time considering it usually 2 hours. By the time we got there he was breathing a lot better. This is what he will eventually die from...he can't breathe because he can't swallow all of the crap in his throat, and his lungs are underdeveloped so he breathes through his stomach. From the things I have read about SMA is that most babies die from some kind of respiratory problem.

The benefit dinner went really well considering the 2 faced people that were helping put it on. We raised about $6,700 in the dinner and I raised another $1,800 for the silent auction and 50/50 drawing. I am still waiting for 7 people to come pick up there items from the auction. I am also putting on the record that getting donations from people sucks and I will never do it again.

The big mean aunt that I am....has my brothers 2 kids for the week. I think it's funny because her sister was the only one who could watch them and she started to complain that the kids were rotten....so now I'm good enough to watch them. I will say that it is wonderful birth control.

So till next time I will be trying to keep my house looking like a home and keeping up with the Jones'. Off to get some ZZZZZZZZZZZ's