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What's up!!: Jamaica

What's up!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well I'm officially back from my vacation. I thought that if I didn't blog about it ...It wouldn't really be over.

I can describe Jamaica in one word "Wonderful". The first couple of days there were kind of planned for us because of the wedding festivities. The wedding was beautiful...including the not so slim topless sun bather at the end of the aisle.
The bride and groom.
The wedding on the beach.
This is all of my family that went to Jamaica for the wedding.
This is the topless sunbather at the end of the aisle.
The food was actually really good and you had your choice of 5 restaurants on the resort. We spent one day on the beach and only lasted 15 minutes because it was to hot in the sun. I had boob sweat in 5 minutes, and thought I was in a sauna. The next day we decided to take a taxi into town to do some shopping. We pull out of the resort and onto the road and our taxi filled up with smoke. We had to bail. Come to find out it was just his speaker wires melting. So we head into town and do some shopping at the local mall and then we headed to the craft market. I hated the craft market...I can't stand vultures and they were vultures x2. The only thing I bought from them was conch shells for the girls.

The next day we did spend the day on the beach, at least from 10 - 2, the hottest part of the day. I went back to our room and took a shower and took a nap in the hammock on our balcony. Every night after dinner we would head up to the night club...with a piano bar, Dj and dancing until around 2 in the morning and then we would go for a midnight snack at the Cabana Grill. This is just one of the 5 bars on the resort. You wake up and go to the bar and get a drink, anything fruity was yummy!In the mornings we would have continental breakfast delivered to our balcony...but we had to eat fast because the birds would swoop in to get there share.

The only other excursion we took was an all day trip. We left at 8am and drove about 2.5 hours to Black river. This is a river that is full of Crocs, so we traveled down the river in a pontoon boat to see the crocs. The hour boat ride we saw 5 crocs out of the 500 they claim live in this river. Then it was off to eat lunch, a beautiful out door restaurant, up on a hill that had a beautiful view. Then we had about an 1.5 hours up to Y.S. Falls, where we decided to go on the zip line that went across the falls. That was really amazing even though I was scared to death. Then we drove about 45 min. to Appleton Rum. Their Rum Punch was so strong, I definitely only needed one glass of it. Then we went on a tour and saw basically how they make rum and then they took us back to the lobby and lined up all 14 different kinds of Rum they make and told us to try away...if we emptied a bottle just let them know and they will give us another bottle. Needless to say you could have gotten trashed if you wanted to. Then we headed the 2.5 hours back to the resort. View from Black River.

Part way through the zip line. Enjoying the Rum.

We also took a Catamaran cruise that took us to an area where you could cliff jump. I was all set to go until we pulled up and stopped and I heard people screaming on the way down...then I chickened out. But hubs did it...35ft. jump off the cliff into 22 ft. of water. He said it wasn't bad except it crammed his sinus to the top on his brain. This is the cliff Hubs jumped from.

The funniest part of our trip was our glass bottom boat ride. We rode out to the coral and saw a few fish and a lot of star fish, but our driver decided on the way back to the resort we would do a tour along the beach. We came up to the Hedonism 2 resort...let's just say we got an eye full and those people are not shy. They are also known as the light packers, as they only need 2 sets of clothes, 1 to come in and 1 when they leave.

So in a nut shell we had a great time and would go back in a heart beat. I didn't like what our pilot had to tell us as we were flying into Detroit...the weather was a mild -6 degrees with the wind chill. You have got to be kidding me we are going from 86 degrees to -6 degrees in an 8 hour span ... that is just not right.

While I'm busy typing I may as well throw in Christmas...It was fun! Santa brought a new puppy, her name is Chloe. I love the puppy stage...peeing...chewing...shitting everywhere. It's a good thing she is cute.

Santa also brought Heelys...I so did not buy these they just ended up under our tree. I'm now waiting for her to break some bone in her body.

We went shopping the Thursday after Christmas and was in Toys R Us returning some things and heard they just got a shipment of 30 Wii. My mom bought one so we have been at her house bowling for the last 2 nights until 1 in the morning.
Sorry it is so long but I had a lot to do in 7 days.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and Have a very Happy New Year!

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It looks like you had a great vacation!! That does suck to come home to weather like that.

Hey, your new addition to your family looks just like Thunder! He must have rubbed off on you. When you get pissed about all of the chewing...just look at that cute little face. I hate to say it, but ours is two years old and still chews up everything!

Glad you all had a fun Christmas!

6:40 PM  

Man, some of those people ought not be nude on a beach...damn..

Looks like a nice time, I have never been to jamica...

3:46 PM  

That pic of the nudes is hilarious. I literally just spewed liquid all over my computer :)

Craig got a wii for X-mas. They have been bowling to their hearts content.

6:12 PM  

krazymom~ Thanks for the fun New Years.

She's slowly getting better.

FFM~ That was really bad...but we did not see any hot people like that.DAMN

You need to go...It's warm there.

N1~I couldn't take the picture because I was laughing to hard...My mom did it.

The wii is not ours but we borrowed it from my mom for New years and it has been at our house ever since.

3:43 PM  

i say your due 4 a new post little lady;)

1:46 PM  

Did ya head back to Jamaica to hang out with the nudies? :)

1:16 PM  

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