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What's up!!: I need a drink

What's up!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I need a drink

It is 7:10 a.m. and I just lost it with my 6yr old. She is such a cry baby right now and it drives me insane. This morning she actually got up good and got dressed and did not cry not once. We even made it through breakfast and reading her library book. Then it comes time to get her snow pants, coat etc. on.

She starts bawling because her gloves from yesterday are still wet.

I tell her 1. Next time put them in front of the heater so there dry the next day.
2. You have 20 pair of gloves go get a different pair. She starts crying even harder that her other gloves are to hard to pick up the snow. I take a deep breath and walk away.

Next, she comes to me crying still because she can't get her snow pants on. She wore a denim skirt today and it was caught on the back so she couldn't pull them up. I helped her and her cry lightened.

Then, as I'm watching for the bus I hear her crying again. I go in the kitchen to see what her problem is and she is trying to cram canned goods in her back pack. I inform her that it won't fit because her back pack is to small and that she will just have to carry the bag of goods. Again, she starts bawling that the bag is to heavy. So I take a few cans out and again she cries that she wants to take all of them.

So at this point I'm ready to pull out my hair.

I tell her fine take what ever you want I don't care.

At this point she remembers that she was suppose to take cold lunch today, mind you the bus is coming down the road. I say sorry you will have to have hot lunch today and you can have cold lunch tomorrow. The last and final meltdown blows up.

I can't take it anymore from this point and she gets yelled at and I so badly wanted to spank her because there is no reason for her melt downs....but I controlled myself to just yelling at her and telling her she better get rid of her problem before she gets home from school.

So any ideas of what I can do with her would be great....otherwise I just may have to kill myself.....Now don't get all worried I wouldn't really do that, besides I'm to chicken to hurt myself.

Now just to vent a little more...My hubby has a distant family member coming over tonight to give us a price on putting in geothermal. Under normal circumstances this would not be a problem. However our house is still trashed...I swear a tornado or something hit it.

I have clean clothes folded all over the couch and dirty clothes sorted on the floor, The luggage is still in the dining room waiting to be put away, the boxes of Christmas stuff is still in the living room, and whoever cooked last did not clean the stove (hubby). Did I mention that I also need to sweep all of the floors and dust.

So needless to say I was a little mad at him for planning this this week. It's not like we can afford it right now or anything.

And last but not least I have a sinus infection that won't go away and my mom wants to go Christmas shopping tonight.

Is Christmas seriously only 2 weeks away. Holy crap I have nothing bought yet ....except a few stocking stuffer's. Shit...I better go shopping with her. Shit I need to stay home and clean my house. Shit...I need to straighten out my kid and find out what her problem is. Shit...I don't have enough hours in a day. Shit...Shit...Shit....

Till next time....HO HO HO SHIT


Oh my dear friend, the drama has only just begun! Brace yourself! Punkin' was much easier as a toddler than she is now! We have several meltdowns a day (and major I might add) over the dumbest things! I regret to tell you, I have no answers for you, I am trying to figure that one out myself!

Hang in there....we sooo need to go out!

9:23 AM  

Dang girl- grab yourself a bottle of vodka and some OJ. I don't think a beer is gonna work :)

11:25 AM  

well shit...I dont know what to say.

My son has melt dows like that all the time..he is almost 11..

homework, brushing teeth, showering..

yea...its fun fun fun..

Have hubby and the kids clean while u and mom go drinking, I mean shopping.

12:04 PM  

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