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What's up!!: February 2007

What's up!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Illness known

Well we finally got the test results back on my nephew. The test for MD came back positive and he is in stage 1, which is the worst. My mom called me late last night and I guess they thought they were losing him yesterday. The MD is already affecting his lungs so he has a hard time breathing, and on top of that he can't swallow. They were going to put in the permanent stomach tube today I think. The doctors are telling them not to expect it to take to long before all of his organs shut down. They are trying some experimental drugs, but I'm not sure the side effects are much better.

My days have been filled going store to store asking for donations for the silent auction. I have a ton of gift certificates from every store in town I think. We also have a pair of Red Wing tickets, second row right behind the goal. I hope we get a lot of people to come out, but the band boosters is putting on a soup supper the same day....so it makes me nervous.

I need some help on something. Why when you work your a** off to help people they begin to treat you like shit. My SIL has decided that I can't watch her children because I'm mean to them. I would like to know what I did that is mean to her kids, other than making them mind and they had to follow the rules while at my house. Of course she did not come right out and say this to me....She had to talk behind my back and tell everyone else. So needless to say I have been bending over backwards to help them and they turn around and treat us like shit. Oh and I almost forgot. Her sister that is watching their daughter called yesterday and asked if I could watch child A, while she went to the hospital. She informed me that they would not be to late and would stop back by and pick up child A. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning waiting and she never showed. So instead of calling and saying they were going to be late, they just didn't show up at all and poor child A slept on my couch in her clothes all night. If I'm the evil aunt they say I am, I would have made her sleep outside. At this point I feel bad for the kids because they did not ask to be put in this situation. They have been tossed between houses for the last 3 weeks and who knows how much longer this is going to last. I'm trying to be the better person and say that this is all coming about because they are dealing with a lot of things with Keegan in the hospital, but this is not the first time my SIL has said crap about me.

On the positive side:) My brother has only had 2 beers since Keegan has been in the hospital. We went down to see the baby on Tuesday and it was nice to see my real brother...not the one that was so pickled with beer you could still smell it 2 days later. I had to send him a card and tell him how proud I was that he was handling everything without having a 3-40oz. every night. I just hope he can keep it up once they are out of the Ronald McDonald house and back home.

Sorry for all of the rambling. This post was more for me to get things off my chest. I hope for better weeks to come and that a lot of people come and eat spaghetti and bid on auction items.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Why do men buy lame cards? I guess it is the thought that counts, but Please! This is the card I received this morning from my Hubby as he is on his way out the door heading to Ohio for the night.This is the front of the card.
This was the inside of the card. Nice fricken Paradise, you take off and go to Ohio and leave me with 4 Fricken Kids. Happy Damn Valentine's day to you too. I'm OK really, just had to get that off my chest.

My nice peaceful day I had planned was thrown out the window this morning... when I woke up and discovered they canceled school today because of blowing snow. We did not really get that much snow, but it is blowing and drifting like crazy. Hubs went out to start his truck this morning and he had to get in the passenger side because of the 4 ft. snow drift at his door.

The other problem I have is this damn old house we live in. Last night around 8:00 p.m. my mom was heading home and she noticed a snow drift in my house. The wind was blowing so hard at my front door that it made a drift of snow inside my house. I was going to take a picture, but Hubs came home and tried to fix it. This morning there is a small drift.Here is the small drift inside my front door.

We are planning a benefit dinner for my nephew and my job is calling and collecting for the silent auction. I made a list last night of places to call today, so I'll have to work on that when the kids go down for a nap.

So, I'll be busy playing with the munchkins all day and trying to find out if there is cheerleading practice tonight.

Peace out y'all!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

What makes a child cry so hard that they throw up? That's what my niece did last night. I could hear her over the baby monitor crying a little bit...then she just started screaming...I went upstairs to see what was going on and I got to the top of the stairs and the smell was horrid. The poor little girl came walking over and had puke all over her face. It was so gross. So after giving her a bath and remaking the bed, she began to cry again. She wanted her other Aunt and was no way going to see her tonight. So I had to lay in bed with her until she fell asleep. That was about 10:30 p.m. and thankfully they are still in bed this morning.

I never realized how many times in a day we bend over. My mom had her 3 month check up with her back surgeon on Thursday. The only restriction he lifted was driving for 20 minutes a day. That does her a lot of good because it take 15 minutes to get to town. So once she drives there she is not suppose to drive home. Needless to say she does not follow this restriction. The rest of her restrictions she tries to follow, like no bending, no sitting for 40 minutes at a time 3 times a day, and no excessive reaching. Try going to the bathroom and not twist, turn, or bend your back, it is impossible. She had to purchase a $30 Ass wiper.

Well I'm off to take the trash out and clean up my kitchen because a Home and Garden lady is coming to close my show. I had to have it because they have a new oil canvas that is $169 and it matches the other pictures in my dining room. They had a deal that if you had a $150 party then you could get any one item for $20. Can you guess what I'm getting? It will look great in my dining room. I'll post pictures soon.

Sorry that I could not respond to yesterday's post I tried and blogger would not let me sign in. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers for my nephew.

It is a going to be a great day as we are under a snow advisory until 7p.m. with a chance of 6 inches of snow. That means we will get 1in. and tommorw will be nice and sunny and we will enjoy everyday that we are healthy and alive. G'day

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday update

News from Detroit is that they will be there at least a month. They still have not found anything conclusive, but they are leaning towards Muscular dystrophy at this point. They were going to run DNA for that today I think. The doctors are telling them worse case scenarios right now so that if it is better that a good thing. As of right now he will only ever have the use of his right arm, the muscles in his left arm and legs don't work. They are going to try some things, like putting new muscle tissue in his legs and see if it will allow some movement in the future. So until we know more continue to pray for him and his family.

We had a really nice weekend around here. I only had my own 2 kids all weekend, so it was nice to feel normal...only if it was for 2 days.

I have seen a new light in my husband though, and began questioning how I could marry such an insensitive man.

1. I called him and asked him to come to the hospital on Thursday night to take the kids home while we waited for Keegan to be transferred. Because he did not know where to go in the hospital he stayed in his truck and took a nap. When I finally find him in the parking lot he informs me that he has no room in his truck anyway. It pissed me off because he didn't understand why I couldn't keep the kids.

2. Now that I have to keep my niece and nephew for the next month...He doesn't understand why the parents need to be at the hospital all the time. And he feels they are neglecting their other children. I believe he only feels this way because he doesn't want to keep them for a month.

3. He completely does not understand that family has to do what ever they can to help.

I blame a lot of this on his parents because they are kind of the same way. His Aunt has been very sick and in the hospital since Christmas and they have never gone to visit her. They feel that if they don't know what to say they should just avoid the situation and it will go away. I on the other hand have a different belief system. I feel you should you go and see them as often as you can and support and encourage them. So this leaves me wondering how I could possibly fall in love with a man who has no compassion for other people.

In other news I have been slacking on the Elliptical machine since all of this has happened. I just don't have the energy in the morning and in the evening I'm to tired. So my goal this week is to get on it at least 3 times this week...no matter what. I will say I thought it would help me lose the weight faster, but my eating has been out of control....At least it is helping me maintain and not gain what I have already lost. I need to get back on track because July will be just around the corner. Plus I just found out that my cousin is having a wedding in Cabo San Lucas in October. Even more insensitive.

Happy Monday and until next time:)

Friday, February 09, 2007


They finally took the baby to Children's Hospital in Detroit last night. Dr wiener is such and Asshole and I would never let him look over the care of my child. He had the nerve to come in and say that he was a very sick little boy, but he could do anything else for him. JaskAss how about refer him some where that can check for more things you idiot. He was just going to send him home...Only eating 2 oz. of milk a day. We finally asked to have him sent somewhere and he had the nerve to act offended.

I'm sure they are running that poor little baby through a gamut of tests, but I hope they can find out quickly what is wrong with him.

Until then I have a household with 4 children...Who needs birth control. I also have to work tonight...So for the next couple of days I won't be around much. Remember to keep Keegan in your prayers.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Prayers needed

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy with family things and then on Monday I went with my SIL to the doctor. My 7 week old nephew was admitted into the hospital. I have been noticing signs that he was not responding the way a 7 week old baby should, then my SIL told me that he was only drinking about 4oz. of fluids a day, and only awake for maybe 3 hours in a 24 hr. period. Her husband kept telling her she was just trying to find something wrong with him, so she just dimissed it. She had another relative watch him, and they called me the next day very concerned about his behavior.

He has been in the hospital for 3 full days and the only thing they can come up with is that he has a major bladder infection, and possible fluid in his brain. The doctors from the shitty hospital are not concerned about the fluid, but they are going to have it checked by a nerologist in March. If this was my child I would have left Sandusky in the first day, but there hanging in. He still won't eat, so they are suppose to do a test with his throat today to see if anything is wrong there.

So needless to say between working, running the kids to there activites, running my mom around, and trying to be at the hospital I have been to busy to be on my computer.

Keep this little guy and his family in your prayers.