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What's up!!: October 2007

What's up!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All I want for X-mas is my two front teeth.

I have had quite an eventful week.

To start things off...Thursday night...Kailey finally lost a tooth. It has just been hanging there for 2 weeks and finally my Mom pulled it out. The look on her face was priceless, because she was not expecting it at all. She jumped around the house for 15 minutes yelling "My tooth came out, my tooth came out." The tooth fairy only gave her a dollar...she was excited, but everybody kept telling her that her teeth are worth more than that. Aunt Toni told her next time to right a letter to the tooth fairy and ask for more than a dollar. Thank goodness 3 days later when her 2nd tooth fell out she forgot all about the letter to the tooth fairy.

I do have issues that her grandparents also gave her money. Grandparents on both sides gave her a $1 per tooth also. So every night she sits down and counts the same $6 over and over to make sure she hasn't lost any of it.


On Saturday we had a wedding to go to in Bridgeport. I had to work in the morning, but when I was finished Hubby picked me up and we headed to Crystal Lake campground to drop off the kids with the in-laws. The wedding reception started at 6pm so we left the campground around 5pm and had to stop and get a card. We pull up to the drive way to the VFW hall and there was only one car in the parking lot. Hubs asked quickly "are you sure this is where it is at?" I pull out the invitation, that I was smart enough to bring, and it said

Please join in is celebrating the wedding of _________________ & ___________________ on Friday, September 28th.

Shit we missed it... It was Friday night and not Saturday night.....I was so looking forward to having free drinks and a good time.

Hubs and I decided we would at least go out to dinner since we had no children. We get over to Bennigen's and there is a dame limo dropping off 30 little flipping high school kids to eat before the Homecoming dance. Every good restraunt had a huge line of kids. So we settled for Jimmy John's, and then went shopping at Bed, Bath and beyond. How romantic is that!!

As we are heading back to the camp ground hubs decides he wants a pumpkin spiced cappichino and pulls into a speedway just before we get back on the expressway. We go in and they did not have the pumpkin flavor....so we leave. As he is backing out of the parking spot a girl leaves the store and walks in front of our truck back to her vehicle. All of a sudden my hubs decides to turn and almost hit the poor girl. She had to literally jump out of the way or her head would have been hit by our mirror. Hubs swears he did not see her.. that he was watching the other cars and making sure he didn't hit anything. I ask him, "what people are nothing". I contined to razz him about it and then he started getting pissed off so I dropped it.

So a word to the wise...Not only watching for targets standing still, but the moving ones also.


Today was school picture day. It is always a huge fight to get my daughter to wear what I want. I laid down the law last night. I informed her that in case she forgot I'm the mother and I'm paying $50 for school pictures, therefore she will wear what I tell her to wear. She whined and complained all morning that the outfit was not comfortable. Hello since when is fashion comfortable. Besides you already look like a Jack missing 2 of your teeth. (Will post pics soon).

So in the future 1. Read invitations better 2. Watch for walking people 3. Do as your mother says.

Follow these 3 simple things and life will be good.

Till next time.