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What's up!!: September 2007

What's up!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fireman and Beer/Rum and Coke

Well this weekend went really well. Fireman's Memorial was really nice...I only cried a few times. They go through this service and then anyone who wants to place a wreath or donate money in honor of someone whos name is on the memorial gets in a line and says their little saying telling about the person and how long they were in the fire service. It was very nice and I'm glad we went because we were the only family members there for support for our Aunt.


We rushed home from Roscommon ...Took a speedy shower....and got to the wedding reception 5 minutes late. All was good though because I still got to see my brother do his toast, as he was the best man.

I did pretty well with my drinking. I started off with a rum in coke, then switched to Sex on the beach, then back to rum in cokes. By 11pm and 9 drinks later my parents were ready to go home, and since they were driving I didn't have a choice. So I rode with my mom and my hubs rode home with my dad....We were not really that bad but I would rather be safe than sorry. My brother thought I was trashed because I was pronuciateing my words. I was fine...I did not even wake up in the morning with a headache.

I did not dance though because the DJ was very sucky. He said he didn't have any newer music, so if we wanted that we would have to get him the music. I'm not kidding this DJ still used cassette tapes...He was a joke.


I have to say as much as I bash my MIL she broke out of her shell and drove the kids to our house on Sunday afternoon. So yeah...we did not have to go pick them up.

It was a great lazy Sunday. Stay safe till next time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memories of Kailey

Ok, I tried to post a slideshow on here and for some reason it won't work. So I posted it on MYspace instead. There was not really a reason to post her life in a nutshell, but I came across the pictures and relized how fast she is growing up. It won't be long and she is going to want to stay home by herself, get marraied, and give me grandchildren.

We were watching Ellen the oter day and she says to me, "Mom why does Ellen always dress like a boy".

I said, "Because she is the man in her relationship".

She says, "Whats that mean"?

"How in the heck do I answer this with out going into detail" I ask myself.

So I finally tell her that Ellen has a very close friend that she lives with, and they act like a husband and wife because they are such good friends, therefore one of them has to act like the husband and the other acts like the wife.

Her reply, "OH".


We have a crazy weekend ahead of us. We have to head up to Roscommon for the Fireman's memorial. We have gone every year since I met my hubby 13 years ago, and we have never actually made it to the memorial service on Sat. morning. This year we have to go, because his uncle that was killed almost a year ago, his name was added to the memorial and they have asked the family to come up to be there for the service.

Everything was planned perfect we were going to spend the weekend up north, take the kids to the deer reserve and just have a nice family weekend.

Well a few weeks ago we got a wedding invitation in the mail for the same day. This screws up everything.

I just get all of the new plans adjusted...My in-laws were driveing to our house after work on Friday...We all would ride upnorth and go to the memorial...Then Sat. come back home and they would stay at our house to watch the kids while we go to the reception. Then Sun. hubs was taking his dad golfing. It sounded good to me...I tell myself it will workout. Well hubs came home from work on Wed. to inform me that his parents aren't coming to stay at our house now because his dad has a plow day on Sunday. So his mom will still watch the kids but we will have to drive back to Saginaw to pick them up on Sunday. Aparently his parents think we are rich and enjoy burning up tanks of diesel fuel.

I'm going to try and enjoy the wedding and drink a lot of rum and cokes, or something in the mixed drink family.


If you read FFG's page this will sound familiar.

My Boo has started Preschool 2 days a week, and goes in the afternoons so she misses her nap time. Every Tuesday and Thursday she falls asleep on the way home....I wake her up....She goes and lays on the couch while I start dinner....and falls back to sleep. I try to keep her up but she is just to tired.

On Tuesday I told Hubs to carry her up to bed and if she was that tired she would sleep through the night. She woke up at 8:30, after 3 hrs of sleep she was ready to play. I finally got her back to sleep around 12:30am, and she was back awake at 5:30 in the morning.

Needless to say this little girl still needs her naps. I will have to try bribing her with food like FFG does. But I'm open for suggestions.

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yeah school has started!

The daycare my kids go to had a spirit week a couple of week before school started. This is how they wanted their hair for crazy hair day.

Finally school has started. I am so excited the bus comes almost 30 minutes later this year.
Kay even has time to eat breakfast this year. She also got her hair cut a week ago and now it looks really short...damn curly hair.

Another good thing is the bus did not hit a motorcycle this year on the first day of school.

The first day of dance finally came....
Courtney was so excited!!! She wanted to stay for the class after hers also. As we were leaving the building she says, "momma when I come back for Jazz". I had to explain to her that she can't do jazz until she is 6.

I will say the dance class schedule sucks this year. Kay is in 2 classes and Court is in 1, but there is 1/2 hour in between each of the 3 classes. So I'm at dance class from 3:25 untill 6pm every Wednesday.

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