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What's up!!: January 2007

What's up!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lessons Learned

Today was a normal day....get Kay ready for school.....jump on the elliptical for 20 min.

Well 8 min and 45 seconds (7:26 a.m.) into my workout my mom calls to tell me my dad got in an accident, and we needed to pick him up. I of course needed a shower that I could not have now because we did not have time. I quickly got ready and got Boo ready also, we took five minutes and dropped Boo off at daycare and then headed to the accident scene.

When we get there this is what we see.
This is my dad's truck.

This is the side of the truck where the other pickup spun around and hit him a second time.

This is the 20 yr. old kids truck that pulled in front of my dad's semi. Notice the driver side door window is missing. That is where the kid was ejected from his vehicle.

This is the back of the kids truck that did the damage to the side of my dad's truck.

My dad has only had this truck for a year exactly, a year ago he was in another accident and totaled his other truck. Just by looking at it there guessing it has about $15-$20,000 damage to it.

The kid was making a left hand turn and pulled directly in front of my dad's semi....Luckily my dad saw him coming and reacted quickly by going into the other lane and missed hitting him directly in the door. The kid was up walking around and only complained of a sore knee...they took him by MMR to a local hospital to get checked out, but he was one lucky kid.

So to those of you who read this and think you can beat a semi by pulling out in front of them....think again.

The rest of my day was spent driving my parents around, because my mom didn't trust my dad to drive anywhere.

So if your out and about remember to drive safely and it is better to get there late than not at all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day

I'm very ticked off....My dang computer/blogger just deleted all of my post I just had. I refuse to retype it all...so here is a shortened version.

The first thing i wrote about was trying to get drunk this weekend. I have never puked or have had a hang over of any kind...I guess I have a body mass that can handle large volumes. I had about 12 shots and was just begining to feel my lips going numb when I was heading up to the bar to get my third drink and they were already closed. So needless to say it was another attempt foiled.

The kids woke me up and 4 O'clock this morning because they were watching cartoons. I noticed it was cold in teh house and went to investigate and found that the front door had open and all of the freezing rain and snow was blowing in the house. The temp. was down to 55 degrees, so it must not have been open to long. I was to tired to yell at the kids so I left them watching catoons and I went back to bed.

When hubby got up to go to work he told me both girls were sleeping in the living room and the radio just said that school was canceled due to the amount of freezing rain and snow we got. So instead of getting up to work out I decided to stay in bed. I got up at ten to eight and took a shower to be at work by 9. So, now that i'm home I need to go hit the elliptical machine...I have lost 9LBS. in 2 weeks...Yea Me!!

This Kay's new doll she got for Christmas....it's called a my twinn doll...you send in a picture and they make the doll to match....clothes, dimples, birthmarks, and moles.
This is closer up so you can see how similar they are.
This is Kay ready to go out in the freshly fallen snow. Notice the new snow suit....I guess she just needed it to snow in order to wear it.
This is Kay's first attempt at making a snowman by herself. Notice how small it is...that's because we only got b/t 3-5 inches of snow.
Yes, the snowman has teeth.
Well have a great week if I don't get to post again.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Free woman:)

Well I am officially a free woman for 3 days. My hubby is off to Canada for some conference for work.

My house is fairly clean and the laundry is almost done. What in the world will I do with myself? The only thing left on tivo to watch is "countdown to the 80's" that I can't delete until my hubby watches it. I just can't imagine what I am going to do with myself for 3 whole days. Smack, Smack ... what, what was I thinking, he didn't take the kids with him. I will be plenty busy for the next 3 days, but I will enjoy my king size bed all to myself tonight.

What the Hell~ He just pulled back in the driveway. Men they always forget something. He walks in and said he just wanted to give me another kiss. LIAR
On his way back out the door he grabed his suitcase that he forgot. Now I am free again.

I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I bought my daughter a new coat for Christmas and she will not wear it. She keeps wearing her old one (I would put it away but she is using it for a play coat for just around the house). Maybe it is the fact that I told her if she gets it dirty she will never get another new coat. I just don't know what to do, Any suggstion would be great. *NEW* she just walked in the door and said she lost her $16 hat she got that matches her new coat perfectly. I swear kids need to be born with the understanding of money.

Update on the potty training~It is going well, maybe only 1 accident over the weekend. And it is mainly when she gets to the bathroom put can't pull down her pants fast enough. So all in all it is going well.

I hate winter in Michigan! We get so broke this time of year. B/t Christmas, Birthdays, our Anniversary, and paying the heat bill our money gets very, very tight. Tight to the point that it makes me think about getting a job. Then I wake up and realize how silly that would be. Who in there right mind wants to get up every morning and have to rush off to work. My plan is to stay home as long as possible. I know someday that I will have to go back to work so we can actually save money for the future. But for now I enjoy staying at home doing nothing.

Well I better get going and make myself do something today besides clean and do laundry.

Till next time unless I die of a heart attack. New elliptical is still working great, but it just might kill me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tired of cleaning up Piss

Well I decided that while I was home b/t Christmas and New years I would potty train my 2 1/2 yr old. She got new undies from Santa and everything. So, the next morning we tell her that when Santa dropped off the presents he took all of her diapers, so she had to be a big girl and use the potty. We got out a piece a paper and told her that every time she went potty she could have a sticker. This would work great if my child had any brains at all, but no she has at least one accident a day. If you ask her if she has too go potty she'll tell me "no", then 5 minutes later she pisses all over my floor.

It has been a week and if we make her sit on the potty she screams her bloody head off. So, to bribe her we have added M&M's. If she just sits without crying she gets 1 M&M, but if she actually goes potty then she gets 5 M&M's. She will be well on her way to being a fat ass by the time she gets potty trained, but at least she not screaming her head off.

The other fun thing we have been doing is cleaning our garage. My hubby had the 4 days after Christmas off from work, so he went to town. We can almost park a car in there. Oh that's right~I can maybe park in the garage but I won't be able to get in the house without walking outside. My garage is 22 Ft. And my truck is 21ft plus the hitch that sticks out the back, so that leaves me a few inches to close the door. I'll post pictures as soon as he burns all of the cardboard boxes that are still in there.

What other boring crap can I tell you........

Ohh yeah... My grandpa that had back surgery on Nov.6th, had a blood clot in his leg that shifted into his lungs the week before Christmas. His doing well now on the rat poison he's taking.

I received money from my in-laws for a treadmill for Christmas, but after much research I decided on an elliptical machine. I have been working out on that for 4 days now and let me tell you it is kicking my ass. I can't take a piss without the muscles in the back of my legs throbbing. Even though it hurts I'm making myself continue to workout on it because otherwise it will feel like I'm giving up already. And I'm not going to because that's what everyone said I would do. I'm sticking to it.

Well it's five o'clock so I'm heading home. Now that I have to be back at work for 3 hours a day maybe I'll get more time to post.

All have a great day and have a rum and coke for me (I also gave up pop, so I can just drink the rum straight now)