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What's up!!: December 2006

What's up!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tis the Christmas season.

Here is a little slide show of the events that have been keeping me busy since my last post. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Good New Year.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I wish my damn husband would leave my shit alone. Today I get up...do the usual routine...get clothes out for my daughter to wear...go start the truck so it gets warm...wake up daughter...get her dressed...take her to preschool by 8:30 a.m.

No! Not today, it can't work out that way. My $#^^*&*(*&% husband decided to lock my vehichle last night, Mind you we live out in the middle of nowhere, with the keys in it. So, I call him to say, "Have you seen my dang keys". He typically stumbles around and says he's not sure, today he says did you look in the truck. Why would he say this, because he knows I always leave my keys in the truck. So why did you lock it you dumb ass. Of course my next question is where is the spare set, which of course was in his coat pocket an hour away from me. So this goes out to all of the men in the world. If your wife wants your vehicle to get stolen, then by all means leave it unlocked with the keys in it. We have insurance for god's sake.

One positive thing I guess you could say is I get a day of bonding with my youngest child. And I will have one very happy 5 yr. old when she gets home from school because now she can't go to dance class. Which just this morning she was crying saying she didn't want to go today. I guess she will get her wish.

Rant #2~ I was suppose to do a jewelry show in Bay City last night and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon I get a phone call that she was canceling it. So like any crazy person I still decide to go, but instead of work I'm hitting the mall. Well, OK maybe not the mall, But I really needed to go to Kohl's. I bought my Kay a fall jacket back in August and after wearing it for 2 weeks the seam started leting out. I was going to take it back then, but I couldn't find the receipt. I just decided oh well it will be a good play coat. Well in the middle of cleaning my truck out the other day I came across the receipt, I glanced at the date and the 90 days was yesterday. So I pick the kids up from school and head on down the road. We get a mile out of town and my youngest spills her drink all over the floor. I pull over to start cleaning up the mess and noticed she also spilled it all over the bag with the coat that I was taking back. I picked up the bag with the receipt in it and shook the pop off, put it back in the car, and headed on my way. I walked into Kohl's with the bag (that was sticky with pop) and head right back to the returns area. I pull out the coat and look in the bag and there was no receipt. Where in the heck did the receipt go? I searched everywhere looking for that damn thing. Needless to say I did not find it and brought the riped coat back home with me. I was so fricken mad. A lesson learned #1 don't shake a bag if the reciept is in it because it may fall out unoticed. Or #2 put the receipt in your purse so it can't fall out of the bag.

This is how most of my days go. Just once in awhile I would like to have a normal day, with no unforseen issues.

May everyone have a better day then I will be having.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just around the corner:)

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in over a month. This tells me that I have a very boring life and nothing to report or that I have a very busy and hectic life with no time to sit down in front of the computer for an extended period of time.

Life keeping me very busy is the real reason. I stop in a to keep up with everyone blogs but I just don't take time to post, not even comments. My mom had back surgery on Nov. 6th so that is taking up the majority of my time. She is doing well but with her restrictions she is going insane so I'm trying to keep her company. As well has keep her house clean, doing her laundry and cooking her meals.

Then Thanksgiving weekend we had 3 turkey dinners to attend over four days. Needless to say I did not really want any leftovers after all of that turkey. The good thing is that I got a start on my Christmas shopping that weekend, "NO" I was not a crazy person who hit the stores at 5:00 a.m., but my in-laws are only 15 minutes from the outlets in Birch Run. So while we were there for Thanksgiving the MIL and I hit the mall for awhile.

We got our Christmas lights up last weekend while the weather was beautiful. It was 60 degrees and sunny all weekend. I since have come to the conclusion that I would like snow for the week of Christmas and New Years and then it can go away and be 60 degrees again until Spring. Well it is wishful thinking since I still reside in Michigan.

On Friday was our town lighted Christmas parade. We always gather each year at my mom's office and have everyone come there to watch the parade. This year we had about 25 people join us for the festive season.

My 2 cozy girls all wrapped up to watch the parade.

Saturday we went Christmas shopping. Let me just say that next year we will be getting a baby sitter. Do you know how hard it is to lie to your kids and tell them that the gift in the cart is for their cousin and not really theirs?

And finally today~ We went and picked out our Christmas tree. We have this great place where they planted all of these trees and they only let special people in to cut them down. The bonus is they only charge $10 a tree, 2 years ago we paid $45 dollars for a stupid Christmas tree. At this moment it is still in the back of the truck and I am suppose to be rearranging the living room so it will fit. But blogging is much more important. I have The family Christmas at my house this year I think, so I will be very busy getting my house ready. It will surely take me the next 20 days to get it ready.

The tree directly behind us is the tree we cut down. I will post picks later when we get it up and decorated.

Well I had better finish up because I just saw my brother and his wife drive by, heading to my mom's house for my nephews birthday party.

Just in case it is another month before I get back on here have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. P.S. The next time I post I will have a new
niece/nephew. She/He should be here within the next 2 weeks for sure, if she doesn't have it by Dec 2oth they are going to induce because the doctor is going on vacation and if she keeps the baby until its due date (Dec. 24) they expect it to be around 10 lbs. Ouch!