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What's up!!: May 2006

What's up!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good day gone bad

Well I was in the middle of a post and my mom pulls in my driveway. She is suppose to be on her way to to the closing for my brothers new house. She informs me that my dad just called and sayed he turned on the furnace at the cabin and forgot to turn it off. That normally would not be a problem, but because of the humidity they put the air condintioner in and left it on also. So I can't fininsh my post because my mom wants me to ride up north with her. I hopefully will finish my real post later tonight.

I want the weekend back!!

We had a great weekend, we went up north and it was so stinking humid that I had to straighten my hair at least 3 times a day. But on the good side I didn"t have to work and the kids played outside all weekend. On Saturday the women signed up for a glass fuseing class...We had a lot of fun, not to mention the kids were with the boys. AHHH 6 hours and no screaming kids...It was paradise.

Here are few pictures of my master pieces. By the way I was not feeling very creative so the jewelry is not the best. Plus it was a learning experence to see what the glass would do when heated.

On Sunday we were going to take the pontoon boat out on the lake, but everyone was to lazy to get moving so we went Putt-Putt golfing instead. Below are a few pictures of our adventure. OK for some reason I can only get one to post and there were 4 pictures. Oh well.

(L-R)Courtney(mine); Alyssa, my niece; Tristan, my nephew and Kailey(mine).

After our 18 holes we went in the club house to return our clubs and we found out that my SIL got a hole in one on the mystery hole. Her prize was a free cone fromthe ice cream shop next door. ... and because our kids are so cute she gave them all free cones also. They had a great time....It was Court's first time eating a cone so I was very worried (I don't like my kids to be dirty in public). Give me your opinion on a 2 yr eating a cone all by herself. I think she did amazingly well.

To finish off the weekend we went to feed the deer and it was so hot that the deer did not want to move. My kids were sad because the deer would not get up to eat the corn we bought. I told them we could bring it home and save it for the deer around our house.

So off we went to fight the traffic home. 2 hours later we arrived home and found that our well pump was stuck on while we were gone. Yipee, I'm sweating my ass off and I can't even get any water to take a shower now. A new one cost $400 and won't get installed until after midnight because my Hubby had training tonight(he's a volunteer fireman). That's if he's not to tired and waits until Wednesday night.

I am off on a field trip to the Zoo in the morning with 30 some 4 yr olds. If I'm still alive I will check in In the evening. Later all!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Somewhere over the the rainbow!

My title has to do with where I want to go. It rained the other day and there was a beautiful rainbow and I decided I wanted to go there, but I couldn't catch the dang thing. Ha ha

My sad week is finally over...It was a very long week...And that was the absolute saddest funeral I have ever been to, until the preacher started his sermon. He is getting letters from people that were very disappointed and angered by what he said about Aaron.

On to happier items...Yesterday was a very busy day. I had to work 9-4:30, pick Kay up from daycare and take her to dance class, Return library books and pick out new books, and then Kay had tee-ball practice for an hour. Got home around 7:00 p.m. and warmed up left overs for dinner. Then off to bed the kids go. My question is when do our lives quit revolving around our children?

Hot off the presses.... kay got married yesterday. Daycare informed me they performed the ceremony at recess. I was upset because I was not invited or even told about the wedding. I guess she will have to be locked in the attic for sure now that she is sneaking around getting married. I also hope this boy she married becomes a doctor because she wants 30 babies. Aahhh the drama!!

My Court on the other hand is starting to say a few more words. You can ask her to say any word and she will try to say it, unless it is Aunt Toni. She won't even try to say it, if you ask her to she just says "NO" and giggles. She is going to be my problem child, when told NO she looks at you and laughs and then goes right back to doing it, but I love her anyway.

I'm so excited about the upcoming holiday. We're going up north to have a nice relaxing weekend and the weather is suppose to be beautiful. Saturday the girls (mom, SIL and I) are going to take a slumping class all day (yeah, no kids). We will be learning how to melt different kinds of glass in a kiln to make jewelry or bowls/plates ect... If you e-mail me your address I will mail you one. They say we will make about 15 - 20 pieces. You could have a Schomaker creation and then some day when I'm a famous artist you can say you knew me when I was just beginning.

Ok I have to get to work at 8:30 this morning so I better get going and I may not be back until after the holiday weekend.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sad day....

Yesterday started out as any normal day. Then, I went to work and right when I walk in my sister in law says that my mom has to tell me something. I looked back at my mom sitting at her desk and I can tell she had been crying. She was on the phone, so their I was with a million ideas runnning through my head, not knowing what happened. I kept saying over and over I wonder what is wrong. Finally, my SIL broke down and told me that Aaron Brown had died this morning. In the shock of everything the name didn't register right away, and my SIL in law said "Linds boyfriend". I was in complete shock. He laid under a piece of farming eqip. for at least 12 hours., and when his brother came into work the next day found him. At that time he was still alive, they took him to the hospital and his breathing became shallow and then he was gone. Linds got to the hospital in time but because they were working on him she never got to talk to him. He was only 21yrs. old and had his life planned. Him and Linds were going to move in together and get married after she graduated from college, they had their kids names picked out and everything. His family has been treating Linds like family, she went with his mom and dad to make the arrangements and everything. I'm very worried about Linds.....for the first time in her life she loved someone who loved her back. Linds asked the family if she could put something in the casket with him (I heard she bought him a CMU coat). Of course his parents said "yes, what is it" and she replied "me, we were suppose to be together forever and I want to be with him". So, right now I just keep crying and praying for his family and Linds. So anyone who is reading this please give these families your prayers as they are going through a difficult time.

I hope to have happier news in my next post.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thunder!

A few things about me that you didn't know.
1. I love Nascar!! I'm passionitely cheering for the #8 Budweiser Chevelet every weekend. This comes to me today because in a normal weekend they start practices or time trials on Thursday. I look forward to Sunday's when the entire family sits together and watches racing. I travel to three races a year, spring Bristol, and spring and fall Michigan races. It is a great time camping out and just enjoying my time and not really having a schedule for one weekend.

2. My life revolves around my children and other people. I have zero weekends this summer when I could just spend a weekend the way I want to spend it. It seems that I have to work or I have been invited to some Wedding, shower, Graduation party, tee-ball practice, dance recitals, or parades that my dd has to be in is taking up every single weekend this summer. God forbid I be able to go up north and go out on the lake just one weekend. Ok , enough of my ranting... you get the point I'm very busy and I don't like it.

3. And Lastly, I have to go back to work. I have the winter months off and in the spring I have to go back. Well my time has come...I have to start Monday (5/22) working 9-5 selling swimming pool supplies. I really quite enjoy getting out of the house, so it is fun for the first two weeks then I want my old routine back. One of the biggest sellers in the store allows people to buy chemicals that last the entire summer in one kit. This is nice for me because I'm really busy in the beginning, but then I don't really see people until they are ready to close their pool in the fall.
This allows me to get a lot of scrapbooking done when it is not busy.

Ok, that is enough boring crap for one day......Off to give Court a bath, to go off to daycare to get dirty again anyways.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I would if I knew how!!!

Ok, Ok so I haven't posted here in awhile. It's because I can't fiqure it out. I don't know if its because I keep reading the directions so early in the morning that my brain is not yet functioning or because every time I'm on the computer my husband has some comment for me. With that said, I only jump on quick to see what everyone else is doing and by then the kids are screaming at me. Don't fret, I just have to keep playing with it and eventually it will click in this simple mind of mine. Until then I'll just keep reading and commenting on your blogs.

This will be a simple week:

Monday- kid goes to school, comes home and plays outside. While we were outside I decide to go over to my mom's house and clean her pool. Kailey decides she wants to go swimming in 59 degree water. After 20 minutes of begging I give in. If you want to freeze your A$$ off then go ahead. She heads home to get her swim suit and comes back and goes in to about her stomach, after 5 minutes she decides to jump in. I was laughing so hard because she was starting to turn a nice shade of purple and shivering so hard she couldn't hold a towel around her. It lasted all of 15 minutes then she wanted to go home and wrap up in a blanket to get warm.

Tuesday- Going shopping in Saginaw for electrical, paint, tennis shoes, shirts and food. Great grandma is picking the girls up from daycare, then home to get dinner and baths and then off to bed. After American Idol of course.

Wednesday- Kailey has dance, only 2 more weeks until recital. Hubby leaves for Ohio for work.

Thursday- Work at M & M Sports 9-5. Kailey has first tee-ball practice. Hubby gets home late from Ohio.

Friday- I don't think a thing is going on. I'll sit in front of the t.v. and catch up on all of the shows I Tivo'd during the week.

That is my week in a nutshell, so if I'm not back on for the rest of the week it is because I'm busy with something on the list above.