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What's up!!: June 2006

What's up!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kailey!!! Were heading out of town tonight so we had her party last night after her last tee-ball game. I'll post some pics. later I don't have time right now...I have to go pack. Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 12, 2006


So one of my friends over at http://www.wherethebeesare.blogspot.com/ has tagged me .

The object of this is Bossy gave me a letter from the alphabet and I have to list 10 things starting with that letter that are about me, or things I like..Something like that..

My letter is W...Yea W..Out of 26 freaking letters she sticks me with W..What the Hell were you thinking!!!!

ok here we go...Your going to enjoy this..Or not.

1. Winter, because I was born and still live in Michigan. I do love the snow and a few years ago I finally took up snow skiing. I love to watch my kids play in the snow.

2. Winters, This is my mother's maiden name. So when ever I get to go plant flowers at the cemetery I get to look for this name.

3. Welcome- I would like to welcome each of you to my blogger space. I'm not yet fully into it, but I will keep working on it. I need more comments so it gives me motivation to keep blogging.

4. Work- I worked as a school teacher for 4 years and when I had my kids I couldn't afford daycare, so I quit. I love staying home with my kids, but look forward to my summers when I work part time and they go to daycare. I also am an advisor for lia sophia, so if you would like anything let me know and I will travel to other states for shows. I also need to get to work on my garage. It is a little full.

5. Woman- I am one in case you couldn't tell. I look up to and respect my mother the most in life and guess what!! She is a woman too!!

6. Weekends- I look forward to them if I don't have to work and I can spend time with my family. I also enjoy going up north to the cabin on weekend. Useless info: are cabin has 7 couches that can all open into beds at one time and yes they are all on one level.

7. Whistle- I whistle while at work. And I love the seven dwarfs.

8. Winner- I have always wanted to be one. Maybe someday my numbers will hit on the lotto. Oh! I guess you have to play to win.

9.Windows- I have them in my house and my husband can take one out to throw salt in the basement for the water softener.

10. Weasel- It's a furry little animal that lives in the forest. I'm glad I don't have any by my house that I know of.

There it is done I came up with 10 crappy things that started with a W.. The next time we pass this game do not give me the letter W.

I now pass this on to Krazy mom kelly. Mostly because she is one of the very few people who read this. I think I will give her the letter "G".

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

I just had to quickly post by baby is going to be 2 tommorrow. I can't believe how the year has past and how big she is getting. So far I'm the rotten Mom and has not bought a thing for her. She is going to walk with us in relay for life. Then we're going to the movies and watch cars, then off to the park for a picnic and playing.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby !!!!

Will post some pics of the big day later.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What the Hell!!!

Ok this is going to be short and I hope to the point, but I need some major advice. When we were up north over memorial weekend I caught my child and my nephew hiding behind the boat with their shirts off. I go ballistic asking them what they think they're doing. My nephew quickly says that he took off his shirt because he was hot, and Sunshine (my daughter) quickly followed suit. I did not believe them, but I dropped it and just told her that girls can't take off their shirts.

Not to bad so far.....

Then Monday (6/5) I get a phone call from daycare around 11:00 am. Daycare informs me that Sunshine and 3 other boys were pulling down their pants and licking/kissing each others private areas. I freak out, Where in the Hell did she learn such a thing? We're so private that we are always fully clothed and she would not see it on tv because we don't let her watch bad tv. So on my lunch break I go talk to Sunshine and tell her that we will discuss it when we get home, but she was only to play with girls the rest of the day. I pick her up and find out that this is what they were doing up north and it was my nephews idea. I also got out of her where they were kissing each other and she pointed to her hip/butt area and they did not pull their pants all the way down...more like they were mooning each other.

Daycare told me that I should not really punish her becuase they are just kids that are curious about their bodies. It is normal for a child to discover it feels good when they play with themselves and can have an orgasim by age 3. So am I being a complete idiot by worrying about where she is learning this or just stress to her that some things are private and not to be shown ever. Any advise would be great, because I was not expecting to deal with this until she was at least 6. Ha Ha.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Monday, Monday

Thank goodness that week is over. It was like the end of everything; school, dance class, 1 more tee-ball game and were done till fall. My oldest had her dance recital this weekend. Talk about crazy, well at least for me because I have never been behind the scenes in a recital before. All the preparation: weekly dance class, practice at home, sew together costumes that cost a fortune, dress rehersal, and two shows(matinee and evening show). Here are some pics of the exciting evening.

This was her costume for the first performance in Tap dancing.

This was her Nemo costume for ballet.

This is my sweet Nemo. (third from the right)

Visiting sissy during intermission. The show was about 1hr and 45 min. long.

She was so excited to get flowers for a job well done.

Well that is basiclly the pictures I have and I hope you adore them as much as I do. They grow up so fast that I have to treasure every day I have with them.

Well off to bed now because I'm getting old and can't stay up late anymore when I have to work the next day. Later